We offer storage in our warehouse in Wommelgem, near Antwerp in Belgium. This can be short or long term storage.

  • At your residence we collect the boxes, suitcases, bikes, …, and whatever else you want to store. We also can do the packing,  In our warehouse we prepare your storage and place this in a sealed wooden crate.
  • Short term storage is up to 6 months or storage awaiting transport. Long term storage is + 6 months.

You want to receive a quotation, please fill out the quotation form.

For bookings please contact us with the contact form.


Prices for storage

Short term storage (prices are per m³ per week, excluding 21% VAT:

< 2m³:                          EUR 6

From 2m³ to 4 m³:      EUR 5

>4m³:                           EUR 4


Long term storage (prices are per m³ per month, excluding 21% VAT)

< 2m³:                          EUR 24

From 2m³ to 4 m³:      EUR 18

>4m³:                           EUR 14


The collection or deliver fee is not included in above prices. If you have storage prior to shipping than the collection fee is included in the shipping price.

Collection and delivery fee (BeNeLux)

Up to 4m³:                   EUR 75

More than 4m³:          EUR 125


  • Collection and delivery are based on ground floor/front door collection and delivery. If you cannot place your goods on a ground floor/front door level, please contact us.
  • If you have opted for the short term storage but your goods remain in storage longer than 6 months we pay you back the difference.
  • All the prices mentioned are excluding 21% VAT. If your shipment is in storage for less than 6 months prior to shipping outside EU, the VAT is not applicable.
  • Our storage facility is not a ‘Shurguard’-type where you have access all the time and where you pay by the volume of the storage unit. It is a warehouse where the crates are stacked. In our storage you only pay the actual volume you store (not the size of the crate), this can make a lot of difference in cost over time.