What packing tips do you have?

Our ‘loose’ service is designed for sending clothing, shoes, books and other items which do not require additional packaging when placed in a suitcase.

If you choose to send non-standard excess baggage items you must ensure the items are packaged thoroughly and appropriately for transportation through an automated network. Your suitcase or box may be stacked with other items and will move on automated belts and slide down sorting chutes.

Non-standard excess baggage items such as electricals (TVs, PCs, Printers etc) and furniture (including flat pack) are sent at the owner’s risk and are excluded from any standard cover against damage (we do offer insurance on loose and palletised courier air shipments). We advise to ship these items on a pallet, that is more secure.

While all items are handled with care, the parcels will move through the automated network as described above and as such we do not recommend sending items made of materials such as glass or porcelain without extremely good packing. ‘Fragile’ or ‘this way up’ stickers cannot be adhered to by the automated network.

Since we do a personal collection with our own driver we do offer to pack your fragile belongings.

We do not allow batteries or print cartridges.

Aerosols and flammable liquids are prohibited on all routes, other liquid restrictions vary by route.

When you use a box, use a double walled, not too big. You can get boxes from us.

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