What does self-clearance in Canada, New Zealand or India entail?


Shipments to Canada will need to be cleared by the consignee, who needs to be the owner of the personal effects, themselves, directly with Canadian customs. This may involve being physically present at a customs office. We would advise contacting Canadian Customs prior to shipping. This is quite a common practice


Also for New Zealand you will need to self-custom clear the shipment.

There are, at present, 14 customs offices in New Zealand (NZ) which can handle self-clearance requests. We recommend contacting NZ customs prior to shipping, to confirm any queries you may have, and to locate the nearest office in the event you wish to self-clear.



Also for India it is possible that the consignee of the shipment need to present himself with the original passport, proving outgoing and incoming customs stamps in the original passport. Make sure you are in the country when your shipment arrives.

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