How should I prepare my suitcases or boxes for travel?


We cannot be held responsible for damage to unprotected bags, – no high value suitcases please.

Hard shell suitcases vary considerably by manufacturer with many focusing on ensuring the suitcase is light weight rather than engineered for robust protection. Our recommendation is to opt for a soft sided suitcase when available.

As our service is door to door we recommend wrapping your suitcase with tape and cling film/plastic film. This will help protect your bag against scuffs and bumps as it travels through the automated network. Also some suitcases have an outside surface that prevent labels and stickers to attach to this. Certainly these suitcases need to be wrapped in plastic film. We can wrap the suitcase for you. For customs and security reasons please do not lock your bag, instead secure it with a cable tie or with a plastic wrap.

If your suitcase has a pull handle please secure it in place with tape to ensure it does not slide out and become damaged whilst in transit.

“Spinner” style wheels have become popular in recent years however in our experience while they offer mobility on the ground they are often not particularly sturdy, if using a spinner-style suitcase we recommend opting for one with recessed wheels.


Boxes are welcome on the service but must be sturdy double walled cardboard boxes designed to hold the weight packed. Boxes should be secured by running tape across the folded flaps at the top and bottom, as well as in a loop around the box from back to front and from side to side. We also suggest running tape along the seams of boxes. Only taping across the folded flaps is not sufficient.

Plastic boxes or single walled boxes such as crisp boxes are unfortunately not acceptable.

Make sure when you pack the box the goods are secured, and do not ‘rattle’ inside the box. You can use towels, clothing, padding paper or bubble wrap to protect the goods inside the box.

We offer top quality boxes, double walled (60cmx40cmx30cm – 0,072m³), please check our info on how obtaining our top quality boxes.

Boxes for sale

However damages and loss are very rare, please take this into account

25 kg is already very heavy. While manufacturers may advertise their luggage or boxes can hold 30kgs or more, please take a moment to check if you are confident the zips and carry handles or cardboard will definitely hold the weight packed! Do not forget that the box, bag or suitcase will travel thru an automated sorting line during processing bags will travel on conveyor belts and slide down sorting chutes.

If you send an over-packed box or bag which bursts open we cannot be held liable for any loss of contents. When sending boxes we recommend a sturdy double-walled box sealed with plenty of tape.

If you strap more than one bag or box together and they become detached in transit only one piece will have your tracking information. So we recommend not to attach parcels together.

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