What kind of addresses can you collect from and deliver to?

Items can be collected from and delivered to standard addresses which receive post and deliveries to the door on a regular basis.

Please ensure you provide a full and accurate address. This could be a residential address, a work place or hotel.

We collect only from ground floor/front door. If you cannot place the goods for collection on the ground floor/front door, please alert us prior to collection.

For deliveries, this is only in the ‘door to door’ option we deliver inside the residence. You can make arrangements with the destination agent.



If  you are a student, you need to ensure you arrange your collection from a point within your university that our driver can access, for collections we can call ahead.


If you live in an apartment building, within a gated community, or if it is a business address, please ensure the doorman/reception is aware of your collection.

If a buzzer is required to gain entry, please ensure this is clearly marked. If entry to your premises requires entering a closed gate (not including garden gates), walking around the building to gain access or anything unusual, please place a clear note for our driver.

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