Do customs affect me?

When sending within one country or from one European Union country to another European Union country no customs documents are required.

If you are sending internationally outside of the European Union you will be required to complete a valued inventory list. On some routes, you may also be required to complete a ‘Personal Effects’ form or to provide additional information such as a copy of the consignee’s Passport or Flight Ticket. Elaborate info is found on the internet as well.

Most countries, including Australia, New-Zealand and USA offer a tax and duty-free allowance for returning residents and settlers who send unaccompanied baggage containing personal clothing & personal effects which are for their sole use and which have been owned by them for a minimum of 6 months. Not all countries offer this allowance.

Most shipments with non-EU destinations will pass through customs without being stopped and as such our service assumes your item will be categorized for free passage through customs as above. This means our prices do not include any taxes, local charges, inspection fees or any other charges.


It is the sender’s responsibility to ensure that you are aware of your own personal circumstances, what you are sending and the prevailing customs regulations of the destination country will affect the categorisation of your shipment and consequently whether you will be liable to pay customs duties, taxes or local charges.

If your shipment enters a customs clearance event, please be aware it can take 24-72 hours for information to be received and processed. Once the extra information is provided or duty paid, it can then take 24-72 hours from the point customs officially clear the item for it to be processed, re-enter the delivery network and be delivered.

We can check if you have complied with the destination customs regulations and advice you. Ultimately we recommend every customer sending outside of the EU takes 5 minutes to check the regulations for their destination directly with the destination country’s official travel advice line/customs office.

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