What is the difference between ‘door to port’ and door to door’?

There’s no difference in service up to the point where the shipment arrives at port of destination.

With a ‘door to port’ shipment we will ship your goods to the port of destination. We will hand over a bill of lading after the vessel has departed. This bill of lading is the proof of ownership of the goods and is very important to procure your shipment. As from the moment the vessel arrives in the port of destination and your goods are offloaded our task ends and you will be responsible for all the actions to be taken to release and transport your shipment. Therefore you need to be well aware and informed. So inform yourself thoroughly of all actions that need to be taken and the costs involved.

A ‘door to door’ shipment is complete and we will have all the normal destination services included in our offer. A specialised international mover will coordinate all the destination services, from custom clearance to delivery.

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