Can I use a box instead of a suitcase?

Yes, actually we do send more boxes than suitcases. We recommend only using double walled cardboard boxes secured with plenty of tape and correctly folded.

Boxes must be secured by running tape across the folded flaps at the top and bottom, as well as in a loop around the box from back to front and from side to side. We also suggest running tape along the seams of boxes. Only taping across the folded flaps is not sufficient.

Plastic boxes or single walled boxes such as crisp boxes are not acceptable.

Make sure when you pack the box the goods are secured and do not ‘rattle’ inside the box. You can use towels, clothing, padding paper or bubble wrap to protect the goods inside the box.

We offer top quality boxes, double walled (60cmx40cmx30cm – 0,072m³), please check our info on how obtaining our top quality boxes.


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