Can I send items I’ve bought abroad?

You can certainly send clothes and other items purchased abroad however just as when you arrive at any airport, do be aware the customs authority reserves the right to charge local duty and taxes on any imports of items purchased abroad (but customs would not know this if it is not in the original wrapping or if the tags are removed).

If you have been tempted by cheap counterfeit goods abroad, these must not be included in your shipment.

Can I send musical instruments such as guitars?


Musical instruments such as guitars should be prepared for transit within the manufacturer’s guidelines. In first instance this may include steps such as de-tensioning strings and providing additional support for areas such as a guitar’s neck within the case. You should also ensure the instrument fits snuggly within the case and take care to pad and protect any vulnerable areas.

Can I send food?

Fruit & vegetables, dairy products (including dried products containing dairy such as protein powder), meat, fish, nuts, seeds and perishable products of any kind are prohibited on all routes.

Non-perishable foodstuffs and small amounts of liquids such as olive oil (alcohol based and flammable liquids are not acceptable) can be sent.

Confectionery and other dry foodstuffs (not containing dairy and not of animal origin) such as sweets, chocolate, cookies, biscuits & crisps are typically permitted for entry into most countries.

Individual customs authorities may reject and return packages containing any foodstuffs not permitted for entry into their country at their discretion, or in some cases, again at their discretion, they may remove and dispose of the offending item, as such we recommend checking the destination’s customs website for more information.

Can I send sports equipment such as a bike, skis or golf clubs?

Yes! All kinds of sports equipment can be sent.

We strongly recommend your bike, golf clubs, skis, snowboards, surfboards and all other sports equipment is packaged thoroughly in line with manufacturer guidelines and sent inside a freight approved travel case.

If a freight approved case is not available, placing the equipment first in a standard soft sided or hard-shell carry case and then securely packaging this case within a double walled cardboard box is recommended. For carry cases that may not fit in a standard square box, such as golf clubs or skis.

Can I send laundry bags, bin liners or plastic storage boxes?

We are unable to accept bin liners and laundry bags on our service as these are difficult to stack onto a pallet. In the same category are plastic storage boxes, such as those used under beds or in garages. In our experience, these are also too fragile and are likely to crack or fracture during transit. We make an exception for one plastic box or bag.


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