What can I send?

You can send your personal effects and household goods, even small furniture in luggage’s, suitcases and good quality boxes (double walled and not too big – you can procure with us these top quality boxes). We do not accept plastic bags or plastic boxes (though we can make an exception for a single plastic box or bag).

We do accept commercial goods in road transport.

How do you ship my goods?

We collect your boxes, suitcases and other items from your residence. If you have goods to pack, do not hesitate to alert us prior to collection, we will do the packing. In our warehouse we palletise/crate the shipment.

After that your shipment will be loaded onto a truck and transported to the destination address where these are offloaded from the truck.

What kind of pallets do you have? How big is a pallet?

For road transport we use standard euro size pallets. A standard euro pallet is 120*80. We stack theses pallets up to 200 cm from the ground if the goods permit this.

We do have bigger pallets for larger goods (e.g. TV’s, bikes,…). Goods cannot stick out the pallet. A bigger pallet will increase the price only slightly compared to a second pallet. Therefore we also use bigger pallets to optimize the volume of the shipment.

Do you have crates?

We do not have crates standard in our warehouse. That would take up too much space and would cost too much. There isn’t much demand for transporting in crates because it is more expensive.


We build the crates when we need them.