What are your size and weight allowances? What are the extra charges when I go over this weight and dimension?

You can send an individual item of maximum 70 kg (total shipment can be heavier). Parcels heavier than 25 kg have a 80 euro surcharge.

You can send items with a length of max. 220 cm. Parcels with a length longer than 120 cm have a 80 euro surcharge.

If you ship on a pallet take into account that the extra charges for overweight and overlength also apply.

Since shipping on a pallet requires supplemental handling a surcharge of 100 euro is applied.

Do you offer economy services?

Yes we do offer an economy ‘loose’ courier service. With an economy service our staff will not do the collection at your residence. The courier (of the international courier service) will directly collect the boxes at your home. We will provide you with the labels after you provided us all the information, documentation and full payment. We do not feel that the economy service is the best option, certainly the price difference between an economy and our base service is only marginal. This economy option is only available to corporate customers or privates who have experience with this type of collection and service.


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What is chargeable weight?

The chargeable weight is either the actual weight or the converted volumetric weight, whichever is the highest. Volume is converted into weight by a 1m³=200kg ratio.

Conversion of volume: The volume is converted by a ratio of 1m³ = 200 kg. So for 1m³ the chargeable weight is at least 200 kg (even if the actual weight is only e.g. 150 kg) but if the actual weight is e.g. 250 kg the chargeable weight is 250kg.

Let’s demonstrate with an example:airfreight

A box with dimensions in cm 62 x 40 x 30

How to calculate the volume?

0,62 x 0,40 x 0,30 = 0,0744m³

What is the volumetric weight of this box?

0,0744 x 200 = 14,88 kg à 15 kg

If the actual total weight is higher than 15 kg than the chargeable weight is the actual weight.

If the actual weight is lower than 15 kg than the chargeable weight is the volumetric weight.

For every item in your shipment this is calculated and the sum of all the chargeable weights of all the boxes/suitcases is the total chargeable weight upon your quote is calculated.

For palletized air shipments the volume is calculated by the outside dimensions of the pallet.

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