What if the driver cannot access my address?

Your collection must take place from an easily accessible location: the driver must be able to drive within 25m of the collection point. If this is not possible, it is likely the collection/delivery will fail. Best is to arrange an alternative address.

Can you hold my shipment? Do you offer a storage service?

We can keep your shipment in storage after collection in our warehouse in Belgium.

We do not currently offer any storage services at destination.

If delivery fails the driver will come back the next day after a few missed attempts the bag will be held at the local delivery facility until a new delivery date has been arranged. Please be aware that delivery depots have limited space for storage and are only able to hold bags for a short period of time. In the event multiple delivery attempts have been unsuccessful, a new delivery date is not arranged, or if someone at the destination refuses the delivery, items may be returned the collection address.

It is important that once a delivery has failed that you contact us or the service provider to arrange a new delivery date. If delivery is proving difficult to arrange you may also like to investigate collecting your bag or having it redirected to an alternative address.

You can book in a delivery or an alternate address with the on demand delivery service.

I keep missing my delivery, what can I do?

After 3 failed delivery attempts your item will begin processing to be returned to sender, associated costs will be billed to your account on which the order was placed. It is important you get in touch with us or even the service provider’s team at destination or  to explore your options before your item is returned. You can book in a delivery with the on demand delivery service.

My shipment is showing as delivered but I haven’t received it?

The most common reason for this is that someone else at the delivery address has signed for your bags on your behalf, and has yet to inform you. If your shipment is being delivered to a residential address where a family member may have signed for the items, we recommend checking the spare rooms and under the stairs, as historically these are the most common places where bags have been found. When sending to a university or a business address, we would recommend checking with the primary reception, or other locations where mail and deliveries are often signed for as it is likely your bags or boxes will be there.

If for any reason you cannot locate the bag at the delivery address, please us know at the earliest opportunity and we will contact our courier partner to investigate this further.

Can I claim for late delivery?

We estimate the transit time of the shipment between 2-8 working days as from departure at our warehouse. 98% of the shipments get delivered within that frame. Sometimes it is possible that your shipment is delayed at customs or due to a factor beyond everyone’s control (weather, armed conflict, strike,…). We do not confirm delivery dates and do not reimburse you for a late delivery.

My shipment has been damaged, how do I make a claim?

We’re sorry to hear items have been damaged whilst your shipment was in transit. If you subscribed the insurance we will contact our service provider and based on your inventory we will see to reimburse the damaged product.

We do not cover any damages to suitcases, trolleys, boxes and bags.

Why haven’t all my items been delivered?

It’s rare for a multi-item shipment to arrive at separate delivery dates/times, however this can happen in instances where a piece of luggage has been delayed whilst in transit, or where the consignment has too many pieces for one vehicle to deliver. In such cases, two vehicles may deliver larger consignments or any delayed piece(s) will arrive normally the following working day.

If you have any queries as to where any pieces of luggage are, you can track the shipment with the tracking link you were send when we booked in the shipment.

Can I collect my shipment?

Yes that is possible. Our international courier has service centers in each country. The shipment will be held for collection at a service center of your choice. For the collection you will need to present identification and sign for the shipment. Best is to check with the destination service center if the shipment is available for collection. Please contact us to see what service center is near your destination.